The Chamber of Haunters began in 2019 and took official shape in 2020. It started as an idea to bring all haunts together from different sizes and different types of attractions. We started as a few haunt owners looking to have a positive and lasting impact on the haunted attraction industry. After creating the first Board, the Chamber of Haunters began to grow and bring on many partners. We have seen a lot of growth over the past few years. It has been amazing. We now have partners who are prepared to help our members receive the best that the industry offers and ways to best protect, educate and promote our members.


Some of these partners are StandOut Marketing, Texas Haunters Convention, The Scare Factor, Haunters Against Hate, and HauntingU. We have vendor members who have come into the Chamber to help provide premium products and services to our members such as VFX, Primal Contacts, ProAiir, Zagone Studios, Leavitt Insurance, TicketSpice, HauntPay, StandOut Marketing, Scares and Beyond Masks, Nightmare Netting, SpookTeek, HauntQue, and Budget Haunter.


We serve as a 501(c)(3) Organization, specifically as the official Chamber of Commerce for the Haunted Attraction Industry, including enthusiasts, actors and staff, home/yard/charity haunts, small/medium/large haunts, vendors, escape rooms, review crews and paranormal societies.


We are grateful for all of our partners and members. We have a board of directors that has been set up to help our members have the best of success and realize their dreams and goals. If you are ready to have success and the personal help and support you deserve, then here is where you can find your haunt home!