About The

Chamber Of Haunters

The Chamber of Haunters as an organization to help haunters and fans alike to push the Haunted Attraction Industry forward into a new and higher direction. Safety and fun is of the highest priority within the industry. Haunters want to ensure that their fans experience the best scares out there but, in the safest ways possible while creating new adventures that keep the industry constantly fresh. We, here at the Haunters Association, are out to help Haunters to accomplish this task.

Executive Board of Directors

Robert Nulton

Steampunk Haunt

Bob Hershey Jr.

1st Vice President
Jaon's Woods

Jan Skaggs Knuth

2nd Vice President
Grey House Haunts

Angie Moyer

Waldorf Estate of Fear

Sue Jones-Gray

Graystone Haunted Manor

Advisory Board

Stephen Szortyka

Advisory Board President
StandOut Advertising

LaNelle Freeman

1st Advisory Board Vice President
Haunted Entities

Andrea Vaughn

2nd Advisory Board Vice President
Hayride of Horror

Kevin Donovan

Advisory Board Member

Dana Tomes

Advisory Board Member
Haunted Majestic

Jimmy Guy

Advisory Board Member
CornStalker's Trail of Terror

Joshua Bone

Advisory Board Member
Haunted Bone Cemetery

Brian Robinson

Advisory Board Member
Fatal Fear Haunted House