About the Chamber of Haunters

The Chamber of Haunters as an organization to help haunters and fans alike to push the Haunted Attraction Industry forward into a new and higher direction. Safety and fun is of the highest priority within the industry. Haunters want to ensure that their fans experience the best scares out there but, in the safest ways possible while creating new adventures that keep the industry constantly fresh. We, here at the Haunters Association, are out to help Haunters to accomplish this task.

Board of Directors

Robert Nulton

Robert Nulton


Shockwalk Haunted Trail - Rob Nulton is the Founder of The Haunt Rater. The Haunt Rater started off as a simple Rating and Review Organization and after 10 years of operation, it turned into a "Haunt Community Service" Organization. The Haunt Rater has provided many services such as consulting, marketing, fundraising, construction assistance, etc. all out of their own pockets to ensure that Haunted Attractions all over are able to be successful no matter the size of their haunt or their heart.

As the founder of The Haunt Rater, Rob was looking to do more for the industry and in so doing, founded "The Chamber of Haunters" which serves as a Chamber of Commerce for the Haunted Attraction Industry. As a business person by trade, Rob has helped numerous organizations and companies to grow and is looking to use those same skills and talents to grow the Haunted Attraction Industry.

Rob is self-employed as a Realtor and Business Consultant, living in Central Pennsylvania with his wife and 4 young boys.

Rob is also the Co-Owner of a local haunted attraction located in North Central Pennsylvania called "Shockwalk Haunted Trail."

Robert Nulton

Bob Hershey Jr.

1st Vice Chair

Jason's Woods - Bob Hershey Jr. is a 2nd Generation attraction owner. His father Bob Hershey Sr. created Jason's Woods over 30 years ago and now Bob Hershey Jr. is taking it to the next level, introducing IMT into the industry and being an innovator!

Bob Hershey Jr. joins the Chamber of Haunters as the 1st Vice Chairman of the Board.

Robert Nulton

Jan Skaggs Knuth

2nd Vice Chair

Grey House Haunts - Jan is a married, dog loving, gardening haunter! In the off season, she helps rescue animals, particularly lost dogs and even adopts senior dogs herself.

She started haunting 13 years ago as a home haunter. After 7 successful years, she decided to open as a professional haunt and with that...Grey House Haunts was born. 2019 was their 6th season and it is growing bigger and better every year.

"I'm very excited to have the opportunity to help others, to continue to expand the haunt industry and continue to learn all I can along the way."

Robert Nulton

Angie Moyer


Waldorf Estate of FEAR - Hi...I’m Angela Moyer, the Scream Queen at Waldorf Estate of FEAR in Lehighton, PA.  I’m a Mom of 3 who loves all things horror!!  I’ve owned and operated a haunted attraction for 15 years, originally in Palmerton, PA , starting with just a haunted house.  We moved to Lehighton 8 yrs ago and expanded with a haunted hayride, zombie walking trail and escape rooms.  For me it’s more than just the scare...I love bringing people of all walks of life together to be one happy haunt family!!

Robert Nulton

Sue Jones-Gray


Graystone Haunted Manor - Sue Gray is the owner and operator of Graystone Haunted Manor out of Longview, Texas. She currently serves as the Secretary of the newly formed association, Chamber of Haunters.

Sue was born and raised in southern California. She then moved to east Texas over thirty years ago. "Now I think I can say I'm a Texan...Maybe?"

For as long as she can remember, Halloween has been her favorite holiday. She found it to be a fantastic outlet for her more creative and devious side. It is like killing two birds with one stone, so to speak. She loves the creative process, coming up with ideas and plans and putting them down on paper then bringing them to life. For many years, she hosted an annual party at her home in her horse barn. She had to kick the horse out temporarily in order to decorate each stall. Everyone just loved the decor and the props and such. Several suggested to her that she might want to investigate turning it into a business.

She thought long and hard for several years. She began searching the internet for help in starting a haunted house. She stumbled upon a haunt forum where she met like-minded people whom, to this day, are still good friends. She continued to search. She started attending Transworld, talking to vendors and haunt owners and actors. She gathered all the information she could. She finally decided to take the plunge and started to build until the first night she opened in 2011. She was working full-time and could only build part-time.

From the very first scream she was hooked and knew she would never look back. "I have never regretted opening Graystone. There have been trying times and there will continue to be trying times but, I love what I do, the people I meet and the camraderie among our haunt family. I would not trade this for all the money in the world.

"My goal, as a member of the Chamber, is to promote fairness, honesty, and integrity within this haunt industry. I will aid those coming into this industry by sharing ideas and offering friendship. I will, to the best of my ability, help this industry come together as a community. Thank you all for allowing me to be a part of it."

Regional Directors

Chamber of Haunters


Accepting Applications

Region 1 Director


Member bio comings soon!

Region 1 Updated
Kevin Prosser

Kevin Prosser

Region 2 Director

Kevin Prosser is an attorney, practicing out of Central Pennsylvania, but at night, he is the mastermind behind Terror Farm !error Farm is a newer haunted attraction located in Newport, Pennsylvania. It is an up and coming haunted attraction that is gaining attention and not only in Central Pa, but also in the Haunted Attraction Industry.

Kevin joins the Chamber of Haunters as the Region 2 Director.

Region 2 Updated
Erika Jones

Erika Jones

Region 3 Director

Erika Jones joins the Chamber as the Region 3 Director.

She works at Woods of Terror in Greesboro, NC. At Woods of Terror, she has several roles. She is an actress, social media supervisor, live feed entertainer and has also recently stepped into a higher management role at Woods of Terror. She has been involved with Woods of Terror for the last twelve years. She started when she was fifteen years old as a victim and has since moved up to a management position within the last two years as well as being an icon character at the haunt for the last ten.

"I absolutely love what I do and I am incredibly grateful to be a part of the Haunted Attraction industry."
Region 3 Map

Andrea Vaughn

Region 4 Director

Andrea Vaughn is the owner/creator of Hayride of Horror and Curse of the Bayou in Dellwood Park, located in Lockport Illinois. Andrea began her acting career at the tender age of 6; by 15 she was working at a local haunted house and fell in love with scare acting. She created the character Dolly, a serial killer who fashions her victims into dolls. Dolly was recently featured in the Haunters Against Hate: Book of Haunters Volume 2. Andrea received her degree in Theater and English Education from ISU in 2009. When she's not working on the haunt she runs a community theater and co-owns an escape room business named Lockport Escape Room. Andrea has 3 young sons and hopes they grow up loving this industry as much as she does!

Region 4 Map
LaNelle Freeman

LaNelle Freeman

Region 5 Director


LaNelle Freeman joins the Chamber as the Region 3 Director.

LaNelle has thirty-five plus years of haunting experience. These include working at Jaycees, home haunting, Dungeon of Doom at the Arlington Art Museum, Dungeon of Doom at Reindeer Manor and assisting with builds at both Twisted Manor and Dark Hour Haunted House. Her various experiences include but are not limited to acting in house/cue line/door, security, fire watch, parking, barker, costuming, actor wrangler, set build/design, scheduling, hiring, volunteer/internship programs, and marketing. She was a previous Casting Director at Dark Hour Haunted House and handled coupon disbursement. She is the current Texas Frightmare Weekend white shirt/guest table sitter’s lead, member of Haunted Attraction Association, Haunters Group LLC. - Member/Owner, Marketing Coordinator for Texas Haunters Convention and Co-business owner of Haunted Entities Mobile Escapes/HE Escapes N Stuff and Creepy Doll Collectibles.

Region 5 Map

Accepting Applications

Region 6 Director

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Region 6 Map