About The

Chamber Of Haunters

The Chamber of Haunters as an organization to help haunters and fans alike to push the Haunted Attraction Industry forward into a new and higher direction. Safety and fun is of the highest priority within the industry. Haunters want to ensure that their fans experience the best scares out there but, in the safest ways possible while creating new adventures that keep the industry constantly fresh. We, here at the Haunters Association, are out to help Haunters to accomplish this task.

Executive Board of Directors

Robert Nulton

Screampunk Haunted Attraction

Sue Jones-Gray

1st Vice President
Graystone Haunted Manor

Stephen Szortyka

2nd Vice President
StandOut Advertising

Andrea Vaughn

Hayride of Horror

Advisory Board

Robert Taylor

Advisory Board President
Bat City Scaregrounds

Dana Tomes

Advisory Board 1st Vice President
Haunted Majestic

Jimmy Guy

Advisory Board 2nd Vice President
CornStalker's Trail of Terror

Joshua Bone

Advisory Board Member
Haunted Bone Cemetery

Brian Robinson

Advisory Board Member
Fatal Fear Haunted House

Terry Tantlinger

Advisory Board Member
Animatronica Haunted Attraction

Suzie Flesik

Advisory Board Member
Crawford School of Terror

Kim Ayers

Advisory Board Member
Leavitt Recreation and Hospitality


Most frequent questions and answers

Great Question! The Chamber of Haunters, Inc. is a Chamber of Commerce that operates within the Haunted Attraction Industry.

The mission of the Chamber of Haunters is to give members the tools and resources they need to stand out from the crowds with breakthrough ideas and concepts.

The Vision of The Chamber of Haunters is to see that the Haunted Attraction Industry grows and thrives and ensure that all who are within the industry have a voice, are heard, and are properly represented.

Glad you asked. While many organizations will have operations, functions, or opportunities that are similar, the difference is that we operate the same way a Chamber of Commerce operates. For example, we provide opportunities, through government and other organizational programs to help our members to grow, learn and find the resources and tools necessary to ensure that members not only can get started in the haunted attraction industry but to also continue to operate when the bad times come. An example of this would be when COVID first hit the US, we spent 2020 helping our members during that time by creating educational opportunities and trying to assist them in navigating their way through government assistance programs. In 2021 we waived all annual returning member dues and then in 2022, we cut all annual dues by 50% for all new and returning members.

Well, there are many benefits for those who join. First, members receive an awesome “Swag Bag” full of different cool gifts. Next, members can enjoy all the benefits that the Chamber has to offer such as a members-only area full of documents, forms, manuals, educational materials, discounts, etc. Members will also enjoy networking opportunities, educational courses and programs, advertising and marketing opportunities, attending our annual convention, the opportunity to work with our partners for ticketing, additional marketing, advertising, web design, logo design, insurance, legal assistance and so much more. We also have our Chamber Foundation to help those who are looking to get started in the industry as well as our mentorship program to help those in need of some help whether they are new or veteran industry individuals.

To join the Chamber of Haunters, please visit HERE. Then click on the “Join Today” button. You will be directed to a page where you will need to complete the information and choose the membership type. Upon completing this, you will be directed to pay for the appropriate membership and upon payment, you will officially be a member of the Chamber of Haunters. You will be contacted within 24 hours by a member of the Chamber of Haunters Board of Directors to officially welcome you to the Chamber of Haunters. You will also create a login and password which will give you access to the members-only area of the website as well as access to the “Inner Chamber” which serves as a members-only area on Facebook for Chamber networking opportunities.

We are a “member-led” organization. This means that we believe in our members leading within all aspects of the Chamber of Haunters. We are always looking for people to serve whether that be in our regional leadership, as Chamber Ambassadors, or even on specific committees. Upon joining, if interested, please reach out to the President/CEO of the Chamber of Haunters at president@chamberofhaunters.com.

Well, there are a multitude of ways that we can help you to succeed, grow and put your services and/or products out to more buyers. We promote our vendor members through many channels including social media, websites, our regular newsletters to members, our monthly digital magazine, and through our marketing partner, STANDOUT Marketing. We want to help you grow your business and succeed as your success is our success and we are just glad to help each member to meet and overachieve their goals.

That is one of the reasons we are here. Our hope is that you will want to grow and go commercial with your attraction. We can help you to achieve that. Through the Chamber Foundation, we help provide one-on-one mentoring and one-on-one guidance to be successful in that journey and help you to achieve your dreams, no matter how big or small they may be.

We want to get you to the top and with the Chamber of Haunters, we will not stop until you reach that point and even then, we will be there to help you sustain that dream so it becomes a permanent reality.

WRONG! No matter how big or how small you are, we have programs, educational opportunities, networking, legal assistance, insurance, discounts, and many other opportunities available to all members to continue to reach greater heights and become bigger than anyone could ever dream of. Nobody is too small or too big for the Chamber of Haunters. All are welcome and all will be given the treatment and service that each one deserves.