COVID-19 Information

As you can imagine, with the ever-growing concern for public health and the spread of Coronavirus (COVID-19), we have spent the last few weeks diligently learning about what we can do to keep all your guests safe when they come to your attractions.

We are talking to our members and other attractions around the world to understand what they are doing.

More details to help you and our members will be added throughout the next couple of months.

Coronavirus Emergency Loans
Small Business Guide and Checklist

Find more information at the U.S. Small Business Administration Website

ABout the Chamber

The Chamber of Haunters has been created to bring the best minds together to help each other to become successful. We truly want to help the industry to grow and become better and to deliver the way it should. We truly do look forward to working with any and all haunted attractions, young or old, big or small in order to create the best attractions all over.

2022 Chamber Discount

In 2021, Due to Covid, The Chamber of Haunters waived its membership renewals to help many of our members get through the Pandemic.

Now in 2022, we are offering 50% off to all renewing members and new members through December 31, 2022. On January 1, 2023 the prices of annual dues will return back to their normal pricing.

To get this discount use ‘HauntingU’ at checkout and you will save 50% off of your membership for 2022.

We once again thank you for your support and look forward to continuing to serve our members through the bad as well as the good.”